The following actions will lead to the removal of your posting privileges and/or account:

  • Racism (including any type of hate speech)
  • Blatant flaming of other members; its OK to disagree, but attack the idea, not the person
  • Porn, nudity, and/or links to pornography will not be tolerated
  • Not labeling material that is NSFW appropriately (including links, images, threads, etc.); if you have any doubt about it, then label it!
  • Abuse to the staff; all of our staff members are volunteers and abuse directed at them will not be tolerated
  • Posting links to websites that encourage or promote cheating/hacking
  • Promoting or discussing methods of performing illegal acts
  • Advertising without permission; we are all about promoting the teams and members that make up our community, but we ask that you request permission before promoting an event, team, competition, etc.
  • Accusations of cheating/hacking directed at other TWL members. If you have something that the Anti-Cheat Team needs to see, then please send it directly to them. The public forums will not be used for a witch hunt.

Any member who finds themselves banned may appeal the ban to Quality Control (

For questions about these rules or to ask for permission to post an advertisement, contact an Administrator.

This is a private website. The staff and volunteers of TWL reserve the right to remove any content that we feel does not promote our goals or the community's best interests.