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UAC3 - Universal Anti-Cheat Program

UAC3 - Universal Anti-Cheat Program


UAC Rules

  • The term UAC will be known as the newest UAC version available.

  • All matches(Games supported by UAC) must use UAC software.

  • It is the responsibility of both teams to make sure all players are logged into UAC under the correct game and correct match ID before the match starts. Players may NOT decide to simply skip or bypass the use of UAC in any official match. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  • What if UAC is down for a ladder match? Teams are encouraged to reschedule ladder matches in the rare event that the UAC servers are down.

  • What if UAC is down for a league match? Some games will have you reschedule the match, while some will not. Please contact your Competition Admin on mIRC for details.

  • Only AC can rule that the UAC servers are down!

  • While some game return normal screenshots, some do not. Black screenshots are not disputable. Please visit this thread to view the list of games that should return good screenshots.

  • Players found to persistently returning “Blank” screenshots will be suspended indefinitely.
    For help on Blank SS visit: UAC FAQ or any other UAC help.

  • Players must upload SS to the UAC server within 24 hours of the match finishing, even after a pc crash. Failure to do so will result in a suspension until all screenshots are uploaded.

  • Players must not disconnect from UAC during the match (unless a technical issue arises) Player must reconnect to UAC within 5 minutes of the disconnect, or leave the match server, until they can reconnect to UAC successfully. Player(s) ignoring this rule will receive a five day suspension.

  • Any issues with UAC Connectivity, Installation, Registration, etc. are to be directed to UAC . TWL does not handle these issues.


How to get your UACID into your TWL profile.

  • Visit the UAC Website and click on the Download Button

    UAC Download

  • Install and launch the software.

  • In case of an update to the UAC:

    UAC Update

  • Obtaining your UACID from your UAC account:

    Edit Account

  • Click on "Edit Profile.
    (The "edit profile" is on the uac site which you have to be logged in to see your uacid.)

  • Add your "UAC User Id" to your TeamWarfare League Account.

    Add UACID


  • To find and enter your team's "Match Id"

    1. Click on the Compitition link and find your game.

    2. Click on your ladder.

    Ladder rant boards are found on the right of the page.

    Ladder Rant

    To find your league rant board:

    League Rant

    On both the league and ladder, click on the rant board link

    Rant Link

    The "Match Id" is in the address bar.


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