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TeamWarfare Vet
03-26-2012 03:09 PM / profile


CHICAGO, March 25 (Reuters) - At 71, former Vice President Dick Cheney was older than average for a heart transplant, but doctors said on Sunday that advances in care have made it possible for older patients to still be good transplant candidates.
TeamWarfare Vet
03-26-2012 03:46 PM / profile

Hopefully this new heart didn't come from Anakin Skywalker like his last one did.
Nathan Bedford Forrest
TeamWarfare Vet
03-26-2012 03:53 PM / profile

When will this asshole and that evil bastard George H. W. Bush finally kick the bucket?

See through the propaganda. Stop empowering and enriching the state by cheering its wars. Set aside the television talking points. Look at the world anew, without the prejudices of the past, and without favoring your own government’s version of things. Be decent. Be human. Do not be deceived by the Joe Bidens, the John McCains, the Barack Obamas and Hillary Clintons. Reject the biggest government program of them all. Peace builds. War destroys.
-Lew Rockwell
[-NM-] -SS-
TeamWarfare Vet
03-26-2012 04:03 PM / profile

How did this happen? No, not the Florida recount, but how could someone so old and frail be a candidate for that most precious commodity, the human organ? Did Dick do a dick thing and leapfrog a bunch of other worthies, people who aren’t viewed by some as war criminals and evildoers but rather are decent folk decades younger, likelier to contribute to society and to provide a better return on investment for our taxpayer health-care dollars?
So there is a real pinch on organs—doesn’t that mean 71 is too old? Wrong again—at least no law dictates this. The transplant world is a Dick Cheney dream—a loosely regulated, market-driven free-for-all that follows whatever rules the local oligarchy sets forth. One hospital might set the cutoff at 20 or 50 or 100 years old, while another might figure 55 is the way to go. In a free market, people can find their own way.

Whats this? But I coulda swore hearing a while back that there wouldnt be death panels once there was gubmint HC?

So now the Left is in favor of them or were they lying to us all along?

I also enjoy all the absolute hate people like this author display. Ahhhhh... such radiant tolerance. Can't ya just bask in it?

TeamWarfare Vet
03-26-2012 04:42 PM / profile

I've been wondering whose child was sacrificed so that Dick Cheney could eat their heart to live longer. I would've though that the current administration would have already put a stop to this evil.

Thanks Obama!
Neechoo Cheeska
Pepperoni please
TeamWarfare Vet
03-26-2012 11:41 PM / profile

I bet the surgery took less time than normal because the doctors didn't have to remove anything before putting the new heart in.
TeamWarfare Vet
03-27-2012 12:47 AM / profile

I wonder if he screened the potential donors for a bleeding liberal heart.
Aria Giovanni.pZ
TeamWarfare Vet
03-27-2012 07:25 AM / profile

article is wrong.

should not talk about heart transplant, it should say HEART IMPLANT.
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