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America's Army

06-06-2012 05:14 AM / profile

Dear Captains and founders.

Please, be sure your players are following the procedures bellow.

Players with incorrect identifiers will be suspended.


Players wishing to join a TWL Americas Army 3 Ladder, League or Tournament are required to list any Americas Army 3 player names they plan on using in their TWL profile. Players must do this before they attempt to join a team in a League, Ladder or Tournament as the TWL Site will block them from joining. Adding an AA3 Player Name is accomplished by the following steps:

1.Click on your TWL Player name at the top left of the TWL Page to open the dropdown menu.

2.From this menu highlight "Account Maintenance"

3.To the right of "Account Maintenance" click on "Profile".

4.On the profile screen find the section "Anti-Smurf in Game Identifiers".

5. At the bottom of the "Anti-Smurf section click on "Add another id".

6. Enter your "EXACT" Americas Army 3 soldier name and then click on "Add Identifier".

7. If you use more than one soldier name, repeat the steps to add all of them.

Please note that you must spell the AA3 Game Name exactly as it is in-game. You must accurately add all punctuation and letter case.

TWL Retired Staff
06-06-2012 06:01 PM / profile


Please make sure your members have all the correct ID's in there profile. Season one league is about to start and if anyone has missing or incorrect ID's will be suspended. Player that is suspended will NOT play on any matches. If player is allowed to complete, penalties will be applied to captiains and founders of team.

Also, A player may only play on 1 team per league. A player found to be playing for more than 1 team on a given league will be considered Smurfing.

Smurfing is defined as:

◦the act of signing up/playing for more than one team on the same ladder, either under the same account or a different account.

◦The act of playing for a team you are not registered to play for

◦Signing up for the same team under multiple accounts.

◦The act of playing a match using a TWL registered game account belonging to someone else.


◦The Smurfing player will be banned from TWL.

◦If the smurfing took place through use of another players account, that account will be banned from TWL.

◦The team that the smurfing player was caught playing for will be removed from all TWL Americas Army competitions.

◦Players in the match and on the team where the smurfing took place will be subject to 90 day match play suspensions or more depending on the severity of the smurfing offense. The team founder, if he/she played in the match, will receive a minimum 180 day match play suspension.

◦If applicable, the smurfing players original team will be dropped 33% down the league where the smurfing took place.
TWL Retired Staff
06-06-2012 06:06 PM / profile

We will find out if this rule is being broken so please do not try it...

Thank you and Happy Gaming
TWL Retired Staff
06-10-2012 01:19 PM / profile

We have noticed that there are players in teams who's Anti-Smurf guide is not correct.

Correct Anti-Smurf ID is "EXACT" Americas Army 3 Soldier Name.

Some players have posted America's Army 3 soldier with game unit part name.
Players use this game unit part for a clan tag but this is not a part of Anti-Smurf ID.

So if your Anti-Smurf ID includes unit part name then add new Anti-Smurf ID without it.

For all of us it is more clearly if there is only "EXACT" Americas Army 3 Soldier Name.
Post edited by Feertti at 6/10/2012 1:19:34 PM
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