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10-25-2009 09:40 PM / profile

Lol mouth you DoTA noob, banning draft = captains draft except its 2 heroes for each side instead of 8 like DoTA
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10-25-2009 11:23 PM / profile

did deka just call me a dota? lol

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10-26-2009 12:04 AM / profile

l 2 techno

But back to HoN, The banning draft you ban 4 heroes in total, the captains (blue and pink) pick the bans and then everyone else chooses their hero. Im sure it could be edited to ban more heroes.
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10-26-2009 06:25 PM / profile

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11-09-2009 02:37 PM / profile

yes there is a ban draft mode.

wow glad the page had refreshed before i replied to a 2 week old post. either way - bump this game. This game would be an amazing addition to TWL, and would attract alot of attention. You could simply make 2 ladders, one EM ( easy mode, faster XP earned, faster gold earned ) and one non-EM. Each match could be a random ruleset, or a specific ladder for each. But I love the idea of a random ruleset ( ie: match is created, then you find out if its a single draft, ban draft, all pick, random draft, etc.)
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11-09-2009 09:43 PM / profile


With the amount of game modes, why stop at two ladders...?

League even?
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11-13-2009 01:38 AM / profile

again with the easy mode dot dot dot

lol, sadly i think an em ladder would be pretty popular but so much is taken away from the game in easy mode. theres less strategy with lane synnergy/gankiing/warding and general building. Like I said before the game is designed and most importantly 'Balanced' around normal mode.
CS:S S11 Open League Winner
11-13-2009 03:09 PM / profile

The same could be said about gungame in css, there is less strategy, less team work, less almost everything. But lots of people have fun with it and even prefer it over reg. Just make both so everyone will be happy.
TWL Member
11-19-2009 02:28 AM / profile

I agree with the 'if people have fun and enjoy it let them play' argument. I just don't think its that competitive, might as well just wait for the matchmaking system instead of joining a ladder, but if people want to play it let them.

As for HoN there are already 2-3 ladders and at least 3 league/tournaments already going on even though its in beta so maybe TWL can get in on it while in beta also =) theres over 250,000 players and its a beta thats really well put together and good to go for the most part. The only things that usually change are addition of heroes and game modes and small balance changes to individual heroes but imo its good to go. and they test patches before releasing them so nothing major breaks as a result of updates.
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11-19-2009 01:15 PM / profile

Here is a question, that could really change everything...

I noticed the "pre-order" ad says never pay any more fees or money. Does that imply there might be a monthly charge after the release?
TeamWarfare Vet
TWL Retired Staff
11-20-2009 12:29 PM / profile

Originally posted by: snizz.
Here is a question, that could really change everything...

I noticed the "pre-order" ad says never pay any more fees or money. Does that imply there might be a monthly charge after the release?

I hope not because I was looking into getting this...
TWL Member
11-21-2009 05:03 PM / profile

Mtn, add me on steam. cinnamon_toast_crunch.

Talk to me sometime tonight and I can throw a beta key your way!
TWL Member
11-22-2009 01:13 PM / profile

the devs have made it pretty clear that it will be a one time deal not a monthly charge ever, the fact that they supply the servers is what is making people think that they may implement a monthly charge but they have said they have built that into the price of the game. the 30 dollar pre-order price tag I could see going up at release however.

mtnduman if snizz gets you a key hit me up in hon (mouth662) and i can help you figure the game out.
TWL Member
11-22-2009 01:15 PM / profile

Ok, so we are still on for this game or what? I've heard there are already active leagues...
TWL Member
11-23-2009 11:10 AM / profile

Version 0.1.39

- Added PSR and clan information to the in-game player stats screen
- Changed requirements for Remake vote to pass
* It now requires the total number of players minus 2 to vote yes. If less than 4 people are voting, it requires
* If more than 4 people are voting, (total players - 2) votes are required to pass. If more than 2 people are voting, (total players - 1) votes required. Otherwise, 100% required to pass.
- Restricted game data not relevant to a players' team
* This will prevent map hacks from working in HoN

- Fixed several effects showing up through the fog of war
- Updated Portuguese translation

New heroes:
- Wretched Hag, based on DOTA's Akasha, the Queen of Pain
- Succubus, based on DOTA's Bane Elemental

General Gameplay:
- Added team-based skills, Demonic Fortification for Hellbourne and Fortification of Sol for Legion
* These skills are accessed by clicking on any team structure then clicking on the corresponding button in the info pane in the lower right of the screen
* These skills share a global cool down time. Anyone on the team may activate them, but then they go into cool down for everyone
* When used, these skills apply +9999 armor to all allied structures

Maphacking isnt possible because how Warcraft (or many other rts games) worked, is that your game tells the server to send you info for the map, and it is forced to if your client tells it to, For HoN the server makes the decision you ask for information, the server doesnt have to give it to you.

This was a long time ago when this patch was released, since then i havent experienced a game where i thought anyone was maphacking.

Awesome game, Hacking not possible, great competitive play


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11-23-2009 02:36 PM / profile


TWL Member
11-25-2009 12:18 AM / profile

A person would have to hack s2 servers to really hack. Not to mention the replay system allows all matches to be viewed and replayed by everyone including the s2 devs who can, in the rare event it occurs, find and ban any hackers/exploits and correct them from happening in the future.
S2 is proud to mention that their servers have replays of every single game, which is a considerable feat because there are more than 300,000 people that play the beta over the course of a week and more than 30,000 at any time. Then again, the ease of this is attributed to the client/server network system, which allows players to instantly reconnect to a game that they've been dropped from for any reason. The other side benefit of the replay system is that S2 can track down and figure out if players are cheating or using exploits to game the system, instantly banning cheaters and plugging holes once they're reported.

Wanted to post this article on IGN:
Its a progress report on HoN (including some info on the newest heroes coming out soon (hopefully))

But I really wanted to point this out:
the upcoming tournament and league system that S2 is planning on implementing. The feature will allow commissioners of leagues to fully control all aspects of play, such as customizing the maps and draft rules for heroes that can be used in matches. Commissioners will also be able to track the stats of each match and publish the results of matches on websites, as well as set up an automated system with alerts to participants so players know when their next match will be. According to S2, the system is so robust that sponsors can create tournaments complete with prizes and schedules for participants a feature that should appeal to competitive e-sports players, particularly the ones that want to play against people of their own rank.
This isn't implemented yet but shows how this game is primarily being geared for competitive play.
TWL Member
11-25-2009 11:52 AM / profile

mouth ur a bitch, i was just about to post that ign article =(
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11-25-2009 02:15 PM / profile

I have made the executive decision that Witch Slayer > Pyromancer...
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Retired Sr. Staff
11-25-2009 02:56 PM / profile

Ok, this has been discussed and is being looked in to, with that said mouth give me a shout when you get this. Just wanted people to know that we are listening we just had to find someone that knows the game format.
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