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02-13-2011 05:44 PM / profile

Please when filing a dispute based on demos file your times as the actual demo times. We have received a couple of disputes based on theater mode and the times in the dispute do not match the demo times. This can cause a little confusion when we are looking for the incident your reporting. We want to provide you all with the best accuracy so its better when we are working off the same images on both sides. There are major differences between the demo and theater mode which is why we do not accept them as proof of cheating.

The following is the suggested format for a dispute to be entered so if this can be done without use of theater mode it would be appreciated.

Examples of Cheating Dispute Format:

* Round 1 (1:34) - CLAN1|Player1 was followed and shot through smoke by CLAN2|Player4
* Round 4 (0:46) - CLAN1|Player3 was shot through wall by CLAN2|Player4 even through he made no sound
* Round 7 (2:03) - CLAN1|Player2 was prefired by CLAN2|Player4
* Round 13 (0:52) - CLAN2|Player4 was texture glitching
* Round 14 (1:17) - CLAN1|Player2 was prefired by CLAN2|Player4
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