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01-09-2009 05:36 AM / profile

First round of the Tournament will be played this Sunday, while going through match comms seems like there are many teams who are unaware of the tournament rules.

I will post few important things on this post what all teams should remember and I urge everyone who has not yet read the rules to do it now to avoid anykind of nasty suprises. This is a very short list of important things, so it is by no means the complete rule list.

Demorecording is mandatory for all players. It is recommended that players record 1 demo for each half. But 1 demo per player from a match will be good as well. The sanctions were changed for this tournament if a player fails to record a demo:

Failure to provide Demos
1st Offense: 1 month suspension + match forfeit

So all, please do remember to demorec.

Default Tournament Night and Time is Sunday, 8:00pm Central European Time (TWL-EU Time). If teams need to reschedule the following rule will apply:

Teams may only reschedule matches to dates/times prior to the specified tournament night.In order to reschedule both teams must agree to the new date/time in match comms and they must notify their Admin at least 24 hours before the rescheduled date/time. Teams are NOT allowed to reschedule a match to a date after the default tournament date.

About Server Choice, if teams can not come to an agreement to use only 1 server, the following rule will be applied:

TWL strongly encourages teams to find "neutral" server for their matches, in name of good sportsmanship and fair play. If teams cannot agree to use one server for the whole match, ASSAULT will be played on each team's server. Server choice along with the server details must be communicated through in the “Match Communications” section in your teams control panel 48 hours prior to match time. Failure to keep these deadlines may result in your forfeit of these options at the opposing team’s (and admins) discretion.

Should be noted that any server what is used MUST run the official TWL AA CVARS and TWL Server Settings.

On a final note, teams are not to report no-shows. If your opponent fails to show up, please dispute the match.

Those were the few issues I wanted to address in this post, it is a very short list and the ruleset went through a major update before this Tournament. So we strongly encourage teams to read the rules carefully. If anyone has any questions regarding them, please feel free to contact us via email / irc, or post here.

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