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Goddess Wolfie
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05-14-2014 05:45 PM / profile

Titanfall Sign-ups

The TeamWarfare League Titanfall staff is ready to announce the Titanfall 6v6 CTF League!! Please see Titanfall forums for rules and match info.

Creating Your Team:
1. Follow This Link to go to the create-a-team page.
2. Fill out each field with the specified information.

Joining the 6v6 CTF League (For Team Founders):
1. Go to your Team Page.
2. Under the "Team Administration" section, click "Join New Competition".
3. On the Join New Competition menu, find the "Join a League" section.
4. Select "CTF" and click "Join League".
Congrats, you are now signed up for the 6v6 CTF League!

So go gather your team together, sign up for the competition, and be ready to capture some flags!

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